Fast Company: The Case for One Global Democracy

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Fast Company recently published “The Case For Eliminating Countries And Instituting A Global Democracy.

The article lays out the main arguments for One Global Democracy solidly. Here’s an excerpt:

“With Trump about to be inaugurated, the scales have really fallen from people’s eyes, and people are seeing that American democracy failed,” says Peter Schurman, who was the founding executive director at and who now advocates for a global democracy through a project called One Global Democracy. “We really have to come up with a better design.”

In the model he envisions, city governments would still address local issues. But for the global challenges that countries struggle to deal with now—climate change, terrorism, Ebola and Zika—the global government would lead…

Schurman argues that other attempts at major international collaboration—from the U.N. to the E.U. to trade agreements—have been ineffective because individual countries still hold power.

“The common point of failure they all have is that they’re all based on the country as the fundamental unit of power,” he says. “And since countries only have to work together as far as they agree to, there’s every opportunity for disagreement and for failure to do what needs to be done… [The U.N] is hamstrung because separate countries are just not structurally designed to work together.”

The article covers several other key points too. We encourage you to read it and share it.

This is a huge milestone — the first real news coverage of our nascent movement for One Global Democracy.  Thanks, Adele Peters!

And it’s just the beginning. In the years ahead, it’s going to be more important than ever that we counter the darkness with a positive story of the future we can build together.

We’re going to do that by making a movie. We’re assembling a great team, and people are stepping up to support the project.

You can too, with a tax-deductible gift via our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, Ecologistics.

We’ll have more exciting news soon. Stay strong.

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  1. The argument for global democracy is a far cry from a plan. And expecting countries to give up autonomy is a pipe dream. But there’s another way. First, put everyone in communication with everyone else. As they make progress in designing a collective future, there’ll be more and more projects working together. Divisions will begin to disappear. Talk about a global government will start naturally. Imposing order doesn’t work. What works is to nurture the relationships that will both motivate the new order as well as strengthen and stabilize it. Talk to me if you want to make this happen.

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