One Global Democracy is a new conversation about how people everywhere can create a new governance model that serves us all, using today’s technology.  

Other organizations are developing the technology.  Our mission is to create the conversation.


Adopting the Story of Stuff model, we will develop a 30-minute flagship video introducing our story, making core arguments, and framing questions to stimulate a conversation.  Brief, 2-5 minute webisodes will follow, drilling deeper into specific topics and inviting participation.

This six-minute trailer captures the tone, positioning, and strategic essence of our project.  

Future videos will feature interviews with a mix of regular people and public figures.

Each video segment will launch with in-person events and online deliberative fora, both to propagate the conversation and to generate content and perspectives for future videos.

Strategy / Theory of Change

It’s time for a new, uplifting & inclusive story to counter the default track of divisive nationalism.  

We will shift the Overton window, enabling mainstream consideration of a frame-breaking idea, through judicious content curation, informed by extensive political & advocacy experience.

This audacious idea is already capturing attention.  Public figures are expressing various facets of it.  The time is right for a conversation bringing these threads together.

Over time, the conversation will grow into a movement capable of driving policy change.  Many vectors, discussed here and here, offer leverage.


Let’s talk about bringing this conversation to your community.   

Please consider donating to support One Global Democracy here, via our 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsor, Ecologistics.